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Knitting and crochet tools you didn’t know you needed

The best knitting and crochet tools and materials

Knitting and crocheting are like building a house. Without the right tools and materials, your structure will be unsuccessful. This is why we have composed the ultimate knitting and crochet tools guide right here. With these lessons and great tips, you can become the best craftsman out there!

Tools for knitting and crochet

What are tools used for knitting and crocheting?

Take your project beyond the yarn and needles. Make beautiful art tasks and take creative risks. All the tools you need for knitting and crocheting can be found here. To understand every aspect of crocheting and knitting, keep reading…

Interested in the history of knitting and crocheting? Click to read more about the history of knitting and crochet.

Knitting and Crochet: the only guide you’ll ever need:

This is the ultimate knitting and crochet guide. We will teach you everything you need to know. This guide contains:

  • Lesson one: Knitting vs Crochet 
  • Lesson two: The top knitting tools you need
  • Lesson three: The top crochet tools you need
  • Lesson four: Beginners 101
  • Lesson five: Knitting and crochet for kids
  • Lesson six: Kits dos and don’ts
  • Lesson seven: All things knitting needles
  • Lesson eight: A beginners guide to crochet hooks
  • Lesson nine: Must-have knitting accessories 
  • Lesson ten: Where to buy knitting and crochet supplies

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always room to improve. Stitch up your skills and learn everything you need to know right here.

Lesson one: Knitting vs Crochet

Which came first knitting or crocheting?

Was knitting or crocheting invented first?

Knitting is more popular than crocheting. This is probably because knitting was invented before crocheting. The textile industry has reported knitting since the 11th century. The initial occurrence of crocheting dates back to the 19th century.


Table of Contents

Knitting and crochet difference 

What’s the difference between knitting and crocheting?

First things first – what is the difference between knitting and crocheting? Although very similar, the two terms are not the same. 

The main similarity is that one uses yarn for both. You can use both to create beautiful crafts – from clothing all the way to decoration for your house.

Knitting is a way of making crafts by using two needles. The stitches resemble loops. The loops are moved in sets, from needle to needle. The needle holds the stick.

Crocheting is a way of making crafts by using one crochet hook. The stitches are tiny knots. The loops are hooked directly on the item. 

Knitting vs. crochet, which is easier?

Is knitting easier than crocheting? Is it easier to knit or crochet?

Knitting is easier for beginners, compared to crocheting. With knitting, you have two needles that help you perform the task. This is easier compared to the one needle used in crocheting. 

Knitting is also better when starting up because the patterns are easier to find. Thus you do not have to struggle with the scarcity of crochet patterns. You’ll get all the help you need starting out.

Should I crochet or knit?

Pros and cons of knitting and crochet

The advantages of knitting:

  • More affordable products found on the market
  • Has a wide range of patterns available
  • Tools are found more readily than crochet tool

The advantages of crocheting:

  • Crocheting is quicker than knitting
  • Easier to fix mistakes
  • You have your creativity

How do you tell if something is knitted or crocheted?

You can tell the difference between knitted and crocheted objects by looking at the stitches. Crochet stitches are knot-like. Knitting stitches form the shape of a V. 

Which is warmer, knit or crochet?

Both knitting and crocheting can produce warm crafts. Scarves, jerseys, and blankets can all be very warm. Use thick yarn and wool to create cozy items.

Is knitting or crocheting faster?

Crochet is generally faster than knitting. This is because knitting has more details. It also contains smaller stitches. If you are more patient, knitting is the craft you’ll enjoy. 

Lesson two: The top knitting tools you need

What supplies are needed for knitting?

Do you want to build up your knitting kit?

We have all the items you need. Whether you are a beginner or a pro. Check out this list to ensure you have everything you need to create beautiful craft. 

33 knitting tools you didn’t know you needed, a knitting tools list:

  1. Zip bag
  2. Tension gauge
  3. Knitting bag 
  4. Knitting needle case
  5. Knitting pin bag
  6. Plastic knitting needles
  7. Yarn needles
  8. Wool needles
  9. Circular knitting needles
  10. Straight knitting needles
  11. Bamboo knitting needles
  12. Hand needles
  13. Cable needles
  14. Wool
  15. Digital row counter
  16. Fabric bag
  17. Knitting gauge 
  18. Stitch markers
  19. Stitch holder
  20. Cable stitch needle holder
  21. Knitting project labels and tags
  22. Ribbon 
  23. Learn to Knit Book
  24. Knitting needle holder
  25. Point protectors for knitting needles
  26. Row counters
  27. Bias binding maker
  28. Knitting thimble
  29. Measuring gauge
  30. Split ring marker
  31. Interchangeable cable for circular knitting
  32. Scissors 
  33. Bonus: sock blocker wood 

What is the most important tool in knitting? 

What are the first 3 important tools and materials in making knitting?

  • Two needles
  • wool

Advanced knitting tools: knitting tools and uses

 Are you a knitting expert? Our pros know exactly what you need. With an advanced knitting kit, we have you covered. Now you can use great tricks and gadgets to create a beautiful craft. Fabric8 stocks the only Knitting bag you will ever need!

Expert Knitting Notions Bag

The Expert Knitting Notions Bag includes:

  • a wood tension gauge
  • sheep knitting needle gauge
  • wood stitch markers (10 pack), 
  • round container with a tape measure
  • electronic row counter
  • 2 stitch holders
  • split ring stitch markers
  • green jersey knitting needle holder
  • redpoint protectors
  • cable stitch needles (3 pack) 
  • metal wool needles (2 pack) 
  • small plastic wool needles (3 pack)
  • Pony knitting thimble
  • Black Teflon coated scissors
  • ribbon 
  • and labels.

Lesson three: the top crochet tools you need

Best crochet tools and accessories 

Are you a newbie to crocheting? Or are you an expert with years of experience? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


What is the most essential tool in crocheting?

The most important tool you need to crochet is a hook. The kind of hook you use determines the quality of your product. 

There are various kinds of crochet hooks on the market today. Beginners can use plastic hooks. More advanced crocheters have various options of hooks available.

What are the tools you need in order to make crochet? What supplies are needed for crochet?

From basic yarn to technological gadgets, we compiled the ultimate crochet tool list. It contains everything you need and so much more!

Crochet tools and supplies you actually need

33 crochet tools you didn’t know you needed:

  1. Yarn needles
  2. Needle case
  3. Yarn 
  4. Yarn storage
  5. Scissors
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Wool samples
  8. Notebook
  9. Pen
  10. Pegs 
  11. Fabric clips
  12. Round pins
  13. Safety pins
  14. Crochet aluminum hooks
  15. Crochet bamboo hooks
  16. Crochet metal hooks
  17. Crochet hook case
  18. Stitch markers
  19. Project labels
  20. Ribbons and tags
  21. Zip bag 
  22. Fabric bag
  23. Tension gauge
  24. Needle gauge
  25. Learn to Crochet Book
  26. Stitch counter 
  27. Sturdy ruler
  28. Gauge ruler
  29. Blocking mats
  30. Crochet tote
  31. Yarn bowl
  32. Yarn winder
  33. Bonus: Row counter

Lesson four: Beginners 101

What to buy when you want to start knitting? 

If you’re a beginner and you’re not sure which tools you need, don’t fret. The sewing experts at www.fabric8.co.za have perfectly put together a kit just for you. Find everything you need and so much more. 

Knitting materials for beginners

What do I need to begin knitting?

As a newbie to sewing, you might not know exactly where to start with the necessary tools. Do not worry! Fabric8 has everything you would need in our Knitting Starter Kit!

Knitting Starter Kit

The Knitting Starter Kit includes:

  •  Learn to Knit book
  • size 5 plastic knitting needles
  • one pair of circular needles
  • knitting needle gauge
  • 2 stitch holders
  • stitch markers
  • tape measure
  • 2-row counters 
  • small scissors
  • 2 wool needles
  • jersey knitting needle holder
  • wool samples
  • small notebook 
  • and a kit bag.

Crochet materials for beginners

What do you need for beginner crochet?

Everything you need for beginner crocheting can be found at www.fabric8.co.za. With thousands of tools, our experts have just what you’re looking for.  Just check out our Crochet Starter kit, that has everything for you to start your crochet journey!

Crochet Starter Kit

The Crochet Starter Kit includes: 

  • Learn to Crochet book
  • Pony set of crochet hooks
  • needle gauge
  • tape measure
  • Scissors
  • 2 wool needles
  • small notebook
  • wool samples 
  • and a kit bag

How do you use knitting tools?

Being a beginner knitter can be challenging. 

Luckily, the experts at South Africa’s craft and supplies store have your back! With the Learn to Knit Book, you can learn everything you need to know. 

Find step-by-step instructions on how to knit. A good guide for the beginner knitter.

Learn how to use knitting tools, which yarn to use and so much more.


How do you crochet for beginners?

The world of crocheting can be complex. You have Fabric8 on your side and over 1500 sewing tools at your use! Become a pro crocheter with our products that were made just for you.

Everything you need to know about crocheting

Things I wish I knew before I started crocheting: 

Find step-by-step instructions on how to crochet. A good guide for the beginner crochet enthusiast.

From different yarn, to various tips and tricks. This guide is your ultimate teacher to crocheting. 

Become a master and improve your skills with our Learn to Crochet Book.

Lesson five: Knitting and crochet for kids

Is it easier to teach a child to knit or crochet? Is it easier for kids to learn to knit or crochet?

It is easy to teach a child both knitting and crocheting. What a child becomes good at is up to their preferences and speed of learning.

Some children might find crocheting easier because of the big stitches they produce. Other kids might find knitting easier because the stitches are loops, instead of knots. 

Benefits of knitting and crocheting for kids.

Why is crocheting good for kids?

Here are the 10 benefits of knitting and crocheting for kids:

  1. Helps with their attention
  2. Teaches them problem-solving 
  3. Calming activity
  4. Improves cognitive abilities
  5. Improves their creativity
  6. Can guide them into a career path
  7. They can learn colours, shapes, and math
  8. Teaches them critical thinking
  9. It makes for a good bonding experience
  10. Teaches them patience

Want to learn how to teach a kid to knit? Then check out this article about teaching children to knit

Children crochet kits 

What is the best crochet set for beginners?

Ofcourse we have the best crochet starter kid for kids! It has everything and more your kid might need to become a crochet prodigy.

Kids Crochet Starter Kit

The Kids Crochet Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 Pony crochet hooks
  • Scissors
  • tape measure
  • wool samples
  • 2 wool needles
  • 3 pegs
  • small notebook 
  • and a kit bag.

Children knitting kits

Kids Knitting Starter Kit

The Kids Knitting Starter Kit includes: 

  • one pair of kid’s knitting needles
  • green jersey needles holder
  • wool samples
  • tape measure
  • Scissors
  • 2 wool needles
  • stitch marker
  • 3 pegs
  • small notebook 
  • and kit bag

Lesson six: Knitting and crochet kits dos and don’ts

Must-have tools every crocheter and knitter needs in their crochet kit.

If you don’t want to go shopping for your supplies, Fabric8 has you covered. Our experts have hand-picked every inch of the kit for you. 

Where to buy crochet kits. 

Are you looking for crochet kits? Shop our wide variety of crochet kits.

Where to buy knitting kits.  

Interested in some knitting kits? Here is our specialised range of knitting kits.

If you are in South Africa, get your crochet and knitting kits from Fabric8. We have various knitting and crochet kits for all South Africans. Shop online for any kit your heart desires from www.fabric8.co.za. You can find kiddie kits, beginner kits, and expert kits. Get local kits from sewing experts.

Our kits are hand-picked by seamstresses that have been in the industry for years. With various yarn, wool, gauges, and protective gear. All packed in beautiful bags. Take all your kits on the go and create beautiful crafts anywhere!

Lesson seven: All things knitting needles

Knitting needles

The 4 must-have knitting needles are:

  1. Bamboo knitting needles
  2. Metal needles
  3. Plastic needles
  4. Aluminum needles
  5. Straight needles
  6. Circular knitting needles

1. Bamboo knitting needles

Are bamboo knitting needles any good? 

What are the advantages of bamboo knitting needles?

Bamboo knitting needles are great needles. They pose many advantages over metal, circular, and plastic needles.

Bamboo knitting needles are easier to use than circular knitting needles. They are not as noisy as plastic knitting needles when coming in contact. Bamboo knitting needles also have a better grip on the stitches compared to metal knitting needles. 

Shop our range of Bamboo needles on our website. 

What is the best brand of bamboo knitting needles?

FAWZ bamboo is one of the expert’s top picks. To find more bamboo knitting needles, shop at www.fabric8.co.za for various lengths.

Shop our range of Bamboo knitting needles on our website. 

2. Metal knitting needles

Metal needles can also be used for knitting. When purchasing metal needles, ensure it has “wool needles” written on them. 

Metal knitting needles are thicker. They have big thread holes. It may be difficult to finish an entire knitting project with just metal needles. These needles are great alongside a sturdy pair of bamboo or plastic needles.

Which is better: bamboo or metal knitting needles?

Both bamboo knitting needles and metal knitting needles are good. Bamboo needles are longer and thicker. Metal needles are sturdier. 

Bamboo needles can complete large knitting projects. Metal needles can be used to add finishing touches or fix mistakes. 

Metal needles are good for all projects- knitting, embroidery, quilting, and sewing. Whereas bamboo needles are strictly for knitting.

3. Plastic knitting needles

Plastic knitting needles are lightweight and thin. They come in various sizes and shapes. Plastic knitting needles are great for kids and beginners. 

They are easy to use. The wool slips through with ease. Their sturdy yet light grip is great for anyone just getting started with knitting. 

Shop our range of Plastic knitting needles on our website. 

4. Aluminium knitting needles

Aluminium knitting needles are great because they have excellent surface drags. They are not slippery. 

Aluminium allows for a smooth working process. Although heavier than plastic, they also offer a more sturdy grip.

Shop our range of aluminium knitting needles on our website. 

5. Straight knitting needles  

Straight knitting needles are the most common. They come in different materials- like plastic, bamboo, and aluminum.

You can choose from various sizes, colours, and weights. Every knitter needs at least one pair of straight knitting needles.

Shop our range of straight knitting needles on our website. 

6. Circular needles 

Circular knitting needles are ideal when your project is round. They are also helpful when working with a flat task. 

These needles are also best when performing large tasks like towels or covers.

Shop our range of circular knitting needles on our website. 

Should beginners use circular knitting needles? Are circular needles good for beginners? 

Circular knitting needles are more complex. It is advised that beginners avoid circular needles until their skills have advanced. 

Should I buy straight or circular knitting needles? Can you substitute circular needles for straight needles?

You can buy either straight or circular knitting needles depending on:

  • Skill level
  • Shape of task
  • Size of task

If you have more difficult tasks and a higher skill level, then invest in a good pair of circular knitting needles. Circular knitting needles can also replace straight needles if you are skilled enough. 

Which brand of knitting needles are the best

What are the best knitting needles to knit with?

The best brand of knitting needles are: 

  • Elle knitting needles  
  • Pony knitting needles. 

Although there are various needles on the market, these are the top 2 brands.

Elle knitting needles & Pony knitting needles

Elle needles and Pony needles have a wide variety of lengths available. From very small up to 30cm, you can choose anything.

Elle knitting needles and Pony knitting needles are very sturdy. Stitches do not easily slip with these two brands. Great grip and strong structures.

These knitting needles are ideal for advanced knitters as well as beginner knitters. Create beautiful arts and crafts with Elle and Pony. 

Knitting Needle sizes 101 

Does knitting needle size matter?

Yes. Knitting needle size matters. It influences the size and length of your stitches. 

What is the most commonly used knitting needle size? 

What is a good size knitting needle for beginners?

Beginners need knitting needles that are average size. This means one should get about a size 5 or 6. 

Make sure the needle isn’t too heavy or too long. You need to be able to knit comfortably without adding strain to your wrist. Smaller needles also allow for your work to be more precise. 

Is it easier to knit with big or small needles?

What happens if you use knitting needles that are big? 

Knitting with big needles have the following advantages:

  • More practical
  • Easier to loosen small stitches
  • Creates larger loops
  • Allows thick parts to pass through easier
  • Less strain on your hands
  • Allows you to create larger projects
  • Creates a beautiful finish

Lesson eight: A beginners guide to crochet hooks

How do you choose a good crochet hook? 

How do I know which crochet hook to use? What happens if you use the wrong crochet hook?

Choosing the best crochet hook is a vital part of creating beautiful projects. Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the best crochet hooks

Does crochet hook quality matter? Are some crochet hooks better than others?

Some crochet hooks are better than others. There are various types of crochet hooks on the market today. Some are sturdier than others. 

Crochet hook quality depends on the following:

  • The brand that made the hook
  • The material the hook is made from
  • The mass of the hook
  • The top coating of the hook
  • The length of the hook
  • The intended skill level of the hook

Crochet hook size 101

What is the most popular size crochet hook?

Follow this link to check out the ultimate hook size guide

Why crochet hook size matters

How much difference does a crochet hook size make?

Hook size is very important when crocheting. When you have a big hook, you can work with more yarn. So think about yarn quantity when choosing a hook size. 

Hook size affects many aspects of your craft. When your hook is big, your stitch has fewer gaps in between. This leaves for a tighter finish. 

Types of crochet hooks 

What are the 9 types of crochet hooks? 

The 9 main types of crochet hooks are:

  • Aluminum crochet hook
  • Bamboo crochet hook
  • Plastic crochet hook
  • Soft grip hook
  • Easy-grip hook
  • Circular crochet hook
  • Metal crochet hook
  • Tricot hook
  • Wooden crochet hook

What size crochet hook should a beginner use? What is the right crochet hook for beginners? 

The best crochet hook size for a beginner should be the average size. This is usually between 5mm- 6mm. As a beginner you want your hook to be strong enough, but also light enough. 

Wooden vs. metal hooks

Are wooden crochet hooks better? Are metal or wooden crochet hooks better?

Metal hooks and wooden hooks are both good hooks. Wooden hooks pose more comfort while working. They aren’t loud. They provide a sturdy grip. Wooden hooks secure stitches well.

Metal hooks are strong and durable. They make for a good finish. They are usually sharp and stitch through fabric with ease. Likewise, they have a good grip. 

Ergonomic crochet hooks

What are ergonomic hooks?

Ergonomic hooks are easy-grip hooks. They have metal tips and plastic handles. They come in assorted colours and various sizes. 

Are ergonomic hooks worth it?

Ergonomic hooks are great for beginners and advanced crocheters. They provide soft handles which prevent strain on your thumbs. They also have easy-grip features. 

If you suffer from weak wrists or arthritis- this is the hook for you. It prevents wrist strain, finger pains, and hand tension. 

The best ergonomic hooks

Do you want the best ergonomic hooks? Visit shop our ergonomic range of crochet hooks

Lesson nine: Must-have knitting accessories

Knitting accessories: What accessories do you need for knitting?

Now that you have the basics covered, spice up your knitting collection. Go beyond the wool and the two needles. Get extra accessories to make your process easier and your work more beautiful.

Here are our ultimate knitting accessories list:

  • Knitting notions bag
  • Knitting and crochet gauge wood
  • Knitting and crochet tension gauge 
  • Sock blocker
  • Stith markers
  • Knitting labels
  • Knitting needle holder
  • Point protector
  • Row counter
  • Bias binding maker
  • Knitting needle case
  • Pin bag
  • Thimble
  • Measuring gauge for knitting needles
  • Cable stitch needle holder

Shop our range of knitting accessories.


Lesson ten: Where to buy knitting and crochet supplies


Knitting and crochet stores near me 

Where to buy knitting and crochet supplies near me:

Visit www.fabric8.co.za for all your knitting and crochet supplies. Fabric8 is South Africa’s amazing creative supplies store.

Over 3000 creative tools and supplies are available to you. Shop now and get your creative journey started today!

Online crochet shops 

Where can I buy knitting and crochet supplies?

Skip the long queues and visit our online shop www.fabric8.co.za. Browse through the wide range of crochet and knitting gear we have. 

From tiny needles to large technological machines, we have you covered with all your sewing needs.