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Which accessories do I need for my Brother sewing machine?

What do you need to start sewing with a sewing machine?

What are sewing machine accessories? How do I know what accessories I need for my sewing machine? 

You’ve invested in a beautiful sewing machine. You followed the instruction manual to the t. Your machine is set up and ready to use. However, you’re not sure which accessories you’ll need for your machine. 

Do you need feet? Embroidery frames? Extension tables? Upgrades? Why do you even need all of this? Do you have sewing machine questions? We have answers! Your days of confusion are coming to an end because we are bringing you the ultimate machine accessories guide. 

Sewing machine accessories

Brother sewing machine accessories, upgrades, feet, and parts.

If you have a Brother sewing machine, we have the supplies just for you! With over 27 sewing machine accessories, upgrades, feet, and parts. We have every area of your sewing machine covered!

You no longer need to go into stores, staring down confusing accessories. Struggling to find what you need for your machine. Here is everything you’ll ever need for your sewing machine and why you’ll need them.

Table of Contents

Top Brother sewing machine accessories

27 Sewing machine accessories you need right now:

  1. Brother sewing machine feet
  2. Embroidery frames
  3. Bobbins
  4. Bobbin organiser
  5. Spool thread stand 
  6. Thread
  7. Extension tables
  8. Embroidery design 
  9. Software 
  10. Needles
  11. Iron
  12. Sewing machine cover
  13. Seam measuring gauge
  14. Sewing gauge
  15. Rotary cutting set
  16. Pincushion
  17. brother sewing machine extension table
  18. Screw-In Bulb
  19. Brother Straight Needle Plate 
  20. Double fold binder
  21. Bias tape binder
  22. Belt loop guide
  23. Bias tape folder
  24. Hemming set
  25. Seam guide
  26. Fold binder
  27. Quilter guide

You should have some (or even better, all) of these supplies. They were made to improve your sewing machine. Your projects will turn out so much better with these supplies. The best part is you don’t need to search every store to get your hands on these. Just visit the Fabric8 website and check out our sewing machine accessories range for all these goodies and more! 

Everything you need to know about sewing machine accessories.

Accessories for sewing machine

I get it, sewing machine accessories can be tricky. When you don’t know which piece goes where it gets complicated. This is why we’ve answered all your questions right here. So keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about:

  1. Brother sewing machine parts
  2. Brother sewing machine feet 
  3. Embroidery frames
  4. Bobbins
  5. Embroidery thread sets
  6. Extension tables
  7. Software 
  8. Needles
  9. Sewing attachments
  10. Brother sewing machine accessories kits
  11. Where to buy machine accessories

Everything you need to know about: Brother sewing machine parts

What accessories do I need with a sewing machine?

When you buy a machine, you just see it as a whole product. However, manufacturers put together many different machine parts to create your favourite machine. Below is your guide to all the main sewing machine parts.

The parts of a sewing machine

What are all the sewing machine parts? Here are the 34 sewing machine parts:

  1. Needle
  2. Needle clamp screw
  3. Needle plate
  4. Reverse stitch lever
  5. Spool pin
  6. Stitch length dial
  7. Power stitch
  8. Handwheel
  9. Menu screen
  10. Spool pin
  11. Tension regulator
  12. Bobbin cover
  13. Bobbin case
  14. Bobbin winder thread guide
  15. Bobbin winder stopper
  16. Bobbin winder
  17. Bobbin winder tension desk
  18. Bobbin cover release button
  19. Bobbin binder spindle
  20. Stitch width dial 
  21. Stitch length dial
  22. Stitch selector
  23. Reverse stitch button
  24. Pattern selector dial
  25. Thread tension dial
  26. Thread guide
  27. Thread take-up lever
  28. Throat plate
  29. Operation panel
  30. Presser’s foot
  31. Feed dog
  32. Flatbed attachment
  33. Foot controller
  34. Takeup lever

These are the main 34 parts. Some parts, like the menu screen, are specific to computerised machines. Whereby other parts, like the needle, are universal on all machines.

To ensure you know exactly what your specific brother model is made up of, read up on the Parts Book. Brother has compiled PDF documents specific to each of their machines. You can click here to read all about the parts that are specific to each Brother sewing machine

Anatomy of a sewing machine

Basic sewing machine parts every beginner should know

This diagram shows the basic Brother sewing machine parts every beginner should know. Besides the long list of parts we mentioned above, this is a nice diagram for our visual learners. 

These 12 parts are the main sewing machine parts:

  • Thread guide sewing machine with labels of its different parts
  • Thread take-up lever
  • Thread tension dial
  • Needle 
  • Presser foot 
  • Feed dogs
  • Needle plate 
  • Spool pin
  • Bobbin winder 
  • Operation panel 
  • Handwheel 
  • Flatbed attachment 

Your sewing machine has some important features for your thread. The thread guide helps thread your sewing machine and wind your bobbin. A thread take-up lever is like the arm extension of the machine. It elevates the thread. The thread tension dial is simply a means of controlling the tightness of your thread. 

Machines also make hand stitching a lot easier. Needles are part of the built-in functions of a sewing machine. Needle plates assist the needle by allowing it to move while stitching.

Presser foot and feed dogs work together. They add pressure to the material while you are sewing it. A flatbed attachment helps you to sew thin fabric while securing it tightly.

Your spool pin holds your thread spool. Bobbin winder will then insert thread from a big segment of spool onto a smaller spool. 

To operate the sewing machine we need an operation panel and handwheel. They help with the features and functionality of the machine.  

Everything you need to know about: Brother sewing machine feet 

Do all Brother sewing machines use the same feet? Are Brother sewing machine feet universal?

Universal feet are called “universal” because they can be used on the majority of sewing machines. Most presser feet are interchangeable. 

However, I’d recommend only using Brother feet on Brother machines. This is because sometimes some feet aren’t suitable for low shank machines. Or the foot slot is not aligned with the foot used. 

Brother also makes high-quality feet with great features. So to avoid disappointment, invest in Brother feet for your Brother machine. 

How do you use a Brother sewing machine foot?

Here is the list of 34 must-have sewing machine feet:
  • Quilting foot 
  • Bias binding foot 
  • Topstitching foot 
  • Gathering foot 
  • Pearl sequins foot 
  • Taping foot 
  • Piping foot 
  • Spring Loaded quilting foot 
  • Straight stitch foot 
  • Pintuck foot
  • Picot’s foot 
  • Adjustable zipper foot
  • Walking foot
  • Stitch guide foot 
  • Open Toe foot
  • Hole cord foot
  • Braiding foot
  • Fringe foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Cording foot
  • Binder’s foot
  • Overlocker foot
  • Narrow hemmer foot
  • Concealed zipper foot
  • Nonstick foot
  • Ruffler foot
  • Bi-level foot 
  • Stitch in the ditch foot
  • Roller foot
  • Piping foot
  • Edge joining foot 
  • Inch piecing foot
  • Pintuck foot
  • Open-toe walking foot

What are presser feet on a sewing machine? What is this sewing machine foot for?

A presser foot is a sewing machine attachment. It is used to secure fabric down while being fed through a needle. In this process, the fabric is stitched. So without presser feet, machine sewing will be very challenging- nearly impossible.

How do you use the presser foot on a Brother sewing machine?

The world of presser feet can be confusing for many beginners. Even some professionals have been using the same feet for years due to a lack of clear understanding about presser feet. 

Your days of confusion end today! Check out this guide to choosing your presser feet

Can I use a Singer foot on a Brother machine?

Both Brother and Singer are excellent brands. This is why it is common to wonder if their feet are interchangeable. The simple answer is; sometimes. 

Most feet are made with a standard universal size depending on the purpose of the foot. However, not all machines are lined up the same way. To use a SInger foot on Brother, you’ll need to measure it up and see if it will fit.

This is not a very practical approach though. It is advised to buy a Brother sewing machine foot for your Brother sewing machine. 

Can you use a sewing machine without a presser foot? 

Yes, you can sew without using a presser foot. 

Just prepare yourself for some disadvantages. Without a presser foot, your fabric won’t be fed into your machine steadily. You can’t prevent slippage as easily. You’ll also need more pins. Without a presser foot, your work will end up being less neat. 

What is a walking foot used for on a sewing machine?

A walking foot practically ‘walks’ your material through the feed point of the sewing machine. It allows you to stitch evenly. It prevents the fabric from stretching. Walking feet reduces your need to use pins. It is a must-have when working with slippery fabric. 

Everything you need to know about: Embroidery frames

embroidery ring

Embroidery frames for embroidery sewing machines are quite similar to that of an embroidery hoop for hand embroidery. It is used to keep the material taught. Because the material is held flat, the machine will then make flatter and neater stitches.

An embroidery frame also prevents your machine from pulling in your fabric. This frame is part of your machine’s computerised program. It is moved with the machine feet to determine your stitches in advance. If you want beautiful and neat embroidery, an embroidery frame is highly recommended.

Grab your very own embroidery frame from Fabric8! 

Everything you need to know about:


What is a bobbin?

Bobbins hold your thread. Thread is winded around a spool and this forms a bobbin. A bobbin is extremely important in sewing machines. It is held in place by the bobbin case. 

two sewing machine bobbinsAre bobbins machine specific?

Yes, bobbins are machine specific. This means that they aren’t universal. One bobbin will fit a specific sewing machine. Usually, though, the material of the bobbin doesn’t always matter. 

You can mostly use either wood, metal, or plastic bobbins for any machine. The best way to find out which bobbin size and bobbin material you should use is to consult your sewing machine manual. 

Can I use a sewing machine without a bobbin? Do I need a bobbin to sew?

The lower thread is winded on a bobbin in your sewing machine. Without a bobbin, your thread wouldn’t be winded to anything. This means you will be left with an unstable thread as soon as the needle changes positions. So it is best to sew with bobbins. 

What bobbins are compatible with Brother sewing machine? Can I use metal bobbins in My Brother sewing machine?

As previously mentioned, check your user’s manual to see what bobbin you should use for your Brother sewing machine. 

It is always useful to use genuine Brother accessories and parts. Machines are tension and setting specific. It is best to not fiddle around with different bobbins. Just stick to what your manual says.  

Everything you need to know about: Extension tables

What is a sewing machine extension table used for?

sewing machine extension table

Sewing machine extension table lengthens your sewing workspace. They are absolute must-haves for your machine. 

It helps you when you’re sewing large projects. Or when you are working with large fabrics. Always keep in mind that extension tables are machine-specific. This means you must read your user’s manual to ensure you’re using the one specifically designed for your Brother machine.

Where can I get extension tables for my sewing machine?

Do you have a Brother sewing machine? You can get sewing machine extension tables from Fabric8. That’s right. We have extension tables for most brother sewing machines available in South Africa, check out our extensive range of extension tables

Everything you need to know about: Softwaresewing machine software

Brother has many ways to improve your machine. Not just with feet, frames, and accessories. Brother also provides amazing software updates for various sewing machines. 

Software upgrades are loaded with wonderful features. They allow you to create with ease. You can create your own stitches, designs, and fonts once. Then reuse them multiple times. They are time-saving and packed with high tech intelligence. 

If you’re looking for upgrades on your machine visit check out all our sewing machine software options.


Everything you need to know about: Needles

Can you use universal needles in a Brother sewing machine? schmetz needles

You can use universal needles on Brother sewing machines. However, it is always better to use specific needles for specific tasks.

If you’re working with leather, get leather needles. If you’re doing embroidery, purchase embroidery needles. This allows you to get the perfect stitches from needles made for your exact task at hand. 

Which needle is best for Brother sewing machine?

Schmetz needles are the best needles to use with a brother sewing machine. They have a wide range of needles available. From quilting and embroidery to leather and denim. Schmetz needles are ideal! They are strong, durable, and effective.


Everything you need to know about: Sewing attachments

What are sewing attachments? What attachments are used in a sewing machine?

Sewing machine attachments are the extra parts and accessories on your machine. They are there to make your sewing easier. They also help you to make your craft even more beautiful. 

Brother sewing machine attachments

Brother machines ship with various accessories. They come with accessories, parts, and attachments. From spool nets to various feet. Below are some of the main sewing machine attachments and accessories that could be boxed with your Brother machine:

What are the different machine attachments?

Here’s a list of different machine attachments:

  • Blind stitch foot
  • Bobbins x4 (one on the machine)
  • Bobbin case (on the machine)
  • Button Fitting Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Disc-shaped screwdriver
  • Extra horizontal spool pin
  • Eyelet punch
  • Monogramming foot
  • Operation manual
  • Overcasting foot
  • Quick reference guide
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Screwdriver (large)
  • Seam ripper
  • Spool caps (1x small, 1x medium-on the machine, 1x large)
  • Spool net
  • Stitch pattern plate
  • Stitch pattern plate holder
  • Twin needle
  • Accessory bag
  • Cleaning brush
  • Foot controller
  • Hexagonal driver
  • Needle set
  • Softcover
  • Thread net
  • Thread spool cap
  • Tweezers
  • Zigzag foot (on the machine)
  • Zipper footEverything you need to know about: Brother sewing machine accessories kits

What is a sewing machine kit?

Every machine needs a tool kit. This helps you keep it clean and maintained. You don’t need a large toolbox for your machine. A handy small tool kit is exactly what you need.

Sewing Machine Tool Kit /Cleaningsewing machine cleaning tool kit

This kit contains:

  • Short small screwdrivers⁣⁣
  • Beige machine screwdrivers (S & XS)⁣⁣
  • Double-ended cleaning brush⁣⁣
  • Bent nose tweezer⁣⁣
  • Magnetic seam guide ⁣⁣
  • Plastic cleaning brush⁣⁣
  • Overlock threader helper⁣⁣

Shop this Sewing Machine Cleaning Tool Kit 


Everything you need to know about: sewing room must-haves 

What do I need in my sewing room? 

Now that you’re sorted on the ins and outs of your sewing machine accessories. Let’s finalise it all. The last step is to get your sewing room going.

21 sewing room must-haves:

  1. A cutting desk
  2. A work desk
  3. Good chair
  4. Organisation solutions
  5. Cupboards
  6. Shelves 
  7. Fabric
  8. Fabric holders
  9. Display cases 
  10. Clips and pegs
  11. Hangers 
  12. Fabric scraps
  13. Craft tools
  14. Stationary 
  15. Sewing machine desk 
  16. Marking tools 
  17. Pressing area
  18. Iron
  19. Iron area
  20. Sewing machine 
  21. Good light source

A good sewing room means good sewing projects. Take time to invest in your sewing space. After all, this is where all the magic happens. 


Everything you need to know about: where to buy machine accessories

Brother sewing machine accessories online

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