Thread Organiser Wood Heart (Love Yarn) 2 Pack


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This embroidery thread organiser is made of sturdy wood. It has a beautiful heart shape for all the embroiders that love embroidering and prefer shaped storage. It has the words “love yarn” engraved in it. Storage has never been this beautiful!

Now you can store and arrange over 20 different colours on one heart. You can also store various kinds of thread like wool, acrylic, polyester. Sort rope on this organiser too. If you are a seamster or a seamstress, you can roll your sewing thread around the holes too for easy access.

If you’ve been embroidering for years you’ll know that yarn stashes grow fast and they grow big! Or if you’re a newbie at embroidering, it’s best to get in the habit of organisation from the start. 

This yarn organiser comes in handy every time. Made of wood, it has a sturdy and durable build. You can always count on it to securely store your yarn. It allows for a tight grip. 

It has over 20 holes for yarn. Equally spaced out. Now your thread will look neat and tidy. With a pack of 2, you can organise over 40 different colours and types of yarn. No need to scurry through your boxes of yarn every time. 

These organisers are small and compact. They’ll easily fit into a sewing kit bag. Or you can display them on your workspace, since they are so beautiful after all. Seeing your yarn organised in this manner also helps you to visually plan your project colour, designs, and shape upfront. 

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Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1 cm


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