Tailors Chalk With Holder And Chalk Sharpener Blue


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Presenting Fabric8 very own tailors’ chalk. This item is hand-picked by our owner and in-house expert of over 30 years, so it is an absolute must-have. Not just a regular tailor chalk, it comes with a holder and a sharpener. You can choose from a wide variety of colour options to meet your dressmaking needs. 

The chalk holder is durable. It allows for easy access while sewing and pattern making. It is also strong and secure which makes for easy storage. The sharpener comes with a firm build. This ensures your tailor’s chalk is sharp and always ready for use. Tailors’ chalk is essential in marking, measuring, designing, outlining, and crafting.

This beautiful blue tailor’s chalk is essential in sewing and crafting. It comes with a handy plastic container. With a compact size, it fits easily into your sewing kit. It is also perfect for the crafter on the go. 

The sharpener is secure in the lid. Now you don’t need to search everywhere for your sharpener or misplace your lid. They are both secure and in place, ready for use. 

This tailor’s chalk is suitable for professional tailoring. It can also be used for home tailorings such as blankets, curtains, pillow covers and other decors. Beginner seamsters and seamstresses need tailor’s chalk to guide them in mastering pattern making and designing. 

The Fabric8 tailor’s chalk has a user-friendly plastic case. With a built-in sharpener, you will always be ready to use your chalk hassle-free. The plastic case ensures the chalk always has sharp and even edges. It removes rough edges and coarse corners. This tailor’s chalk allows for easy use without getting dirt on your hands. 

The plastic material makes this chalk easy to grip. It is also easy on the fingers and allows for comfortable use over long working hours. It is advisable to test the chalk on scrap fabric. This ensures the fabric is compatible with the chalk and you know what to expect when you start designing.

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