Spiderman Zip Sliders 2 Pack


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These Zip Sliders are soft and beautiful to look at. We have a large variety of styles, icons, and designs for you to select from. Spice up all your clothing items today.

Made from soft PVC rubber. You can count on these to last a lifetime. They have metal hooks. These hooks are strong and durable.

Check out this Spiderman Zip Sliders 2 Pack. They are absolutely gorgeous. Zip sliders are used to easily pull your zip up or down. It allows you to easily access anything.

They are made of soft PVC rubber. They are comfortable to touch. These tags are lightweight and compact. You won’t even feel it on you when wearing it. They are slightly waterproof and very durable.

It is also a great decorative feature. With various colours, icons, and styles. You can vamp up any clothing item. Whether it is a bag, a purse, a jacket, or a pair of pants. Stand out in the crowd with these.

It is also a lovely way to label your children’s items. With these tags, you can spot your kid’s unique pencil case or jersey from a mile away. Every semester and seamstress needs these!

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 cm


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