Peel Off Dressmakers Pencils Black


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Check out these creative peel-off pencils from Fabric 8. Select from a variety of colours right here on our site. We stock 7 different kinds!

These dressmaking pencils are very handy for marking, sewing, and making dress patterns. Mark and trace your patterns onto fabric with ease. You’ll never have to sharpen these!

Peel-off pencils are a new sophisticated way of marking. You can create marks on a wide variety of materials. Use these on paper, wood, or garments!

These are tailor’s chalk pencils for marking fabric. It will naturally fade after a few days. You do not need to sharpen them to keep them usable. Just pull the string to expose the paper-wrapped centre.

These pencils are made of high-quality wax and wood. This gives them waterproof features. They are highly reliable. These are odorless and non-toxic.

Do not be worried about smudges. They are easy to clean. When pulling the string, the refill won’t break. You can easily use these to mark on hard surfaces and materials that other markers do not work on.

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