Handheld Magnifying Glass


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This magnifying glass from khoki is an absolute must! It is lightweight and easy to carry. Take your crafting on the go with this compact magnifier.

It still maintains high quality and sturdiness. The compact size makes this an easy product to store. Seamsters and seamstresses can use this handy tool to see the finer details of thread and patchwork.


Sometimes even a well-lit room isn’t enough to see the finer details of a project. Those fine stitches, specific trimmings, and straight lines. All these are done to perfection with the help of this magnifier.

It gives a realistic image of the real-life object. This glass is strong and lightweight. It is beginner-friendly. This means it can easily be used by adult dressmakers. Little children can also use this tool.

Whether they have an interest in the sky or in small bugs. This Handheld Magnifying Glass will magnify the world around them. The magnification is accurate and precise.

The black handle of the magnifier is easy to hold. It is perfect for small hands to grip around it. Always let kids be supervised when using this. Ensure to store it away from direct sunlight. 

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Dimensions 26 × 13 × 2 cm


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