Fabric Pen Blue


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Every seamster and seamstress needs a variety of markers. Not just any markers, but those with easy removal features. Like this blue fabric pen. Not only does it have bright high-quality ink for easy drafting. It also has water disappearing ink. With only a dip in the water, your fabric will go back to being mark-free and looking brand new.

Markers are essential in sewing. They allow you to create shapes, mark off sections, and pinpoint parts to precision. They are also useful in creating patterns. Every creative should have a collection of fabric markers in their sewing kit. These pens are compact and easy to store on a desk or in a sewing kit. 

Water eraser markers are suitable to temporarily mark all kinds of projects. Whether you are sewing, embroidering, quilting, or crafting. These markers come in handy every time. With high-quality ink, you can begin marking in no time. Or use them to design patterns of all sizes and shapes. 

What makes these markers stand out from other fabric markers is their automatic vanishing qualities. With hassle-free removal, you can mark without worries. When left in water, the tracing vanishes in no time. The vibrant blue ink allows for easy visibility when marking dark and light fabric. These pens are compact and durable.

A fine tip on a fabric marker is a must! Now your work can be more precise and your lines more accurate. This tip maintains shape and allows for even distribution every time. 

With the durable build, you don’t have to worry about your pen snapping too soon while in use. Take advantage of the compact body size. It can be added to your sewing kit and craft containers with ease. You can take your pattern-making on the go. 

When using this marker, its best to first test it on scrap material before using it on your actual project. Also ensure you remove all tracing and markings before dry cleaning and ironing. This will set your ink in and make it so much more difficult to remove.

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