Circular Knitting Needle Aluminium 2.00mm

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Do you like to knit? Or are you shopping for a pro-knitter? Whether you’re getting something to improve your own skills or you are just looking for the perfect gift for someone else. These circular knitting needles are a great buy. 

They are extremely affordable, super thin, and very sharp. They deliver high-quality work without you having to break the bank every time. These needles will fit into just about any knitting kit and are perfect for the crafter on the go!

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Circular knitting needles allow you to create and design any project you desire. If you want to create thin and precise work, then the 2.00mm is perfect for you. It allows you to reach corners and edges with ease and great accuracy.

The body is made of a strong structure. You do not have to worry about them snapping or breaking easily. They also have a very good grip. This reduces the chances of work fatigue and wrist strain. It has a smooth body with no rough edges. 

Circular knitting needles are great for a wide variety of projects. You can shape 3D crafts with ease. You can also use your straight needles to add extra alterations. Every great knitter should have at least one pair of straight knitting needles, circular knitting needles, and multi-purpose sewing needles to create the most luxurious knitting craft

These needles are made from high-quality aluminum. This gives them an extremely reliable structure. They are strong and durable. You don’t need to worry about these bending and snapping easily. 

Strong cable attached to the needles. They are designed to carry most of the weight. This gives your hands a break and reduces wrist injuries or work fatigue. Use the entire length to create anything to your desired thickness.

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Circular Knitting Needle Aluminium 2.00mm
R17.25 Incl. 15% VAT

Availability: 2 in stock