Pony Interchangeable Cable for Circular Knitting Needle 80cm


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Fabric8 has many accessories to level up your knitting needles. These interchangeable cables are perfect for Pony Maple interchangeable circular knitting tips. Grabbing an extra pair will always ensure you are covered when you need it! 

They are made of flexible nylon. These cables carry most of the weight. They are strong, and durable. They are anti-break, anti-snap, and anti-rust. It comes in a transparent material to allow better visual access. These are a must to every kit!

You can find a wide range of sizes of cables on our site. Select from 100cm, 80cm, and 60cm. This range ensures you can make alterations, create clothes, design home decor, and add decorations to projects with ease and versatility. 

Cables are essential when you have circular knitting needles. Circular knitting needles allow you to create and design any project you desire. Pony needles come in sizes for all kinds of crafts. 

Circular knitting needles are great for a wide variety of projects. You can shape 3D crafts with ease. This is why you need a reliable cable. These cables ensure that your needles stay intact and remain secure at all times. 

Strong cable attached to the needles. They are designed to carry most of the weight. This gives your hands a break and reduces wrist injuries or work fatigue. Use the entire length to create anything to your desired thickness.

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Dimensions 8 × 12 × 1 cm