Bamboo 12 Piece Crochet Hook Set


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If you own a crocheting business or you run a crochet class, this is the set you want to get! The Bamboo 12 piece Crochet Hook Set contains all kinds of sizes for various skill levels. These hooks have sharp round needle points. They are perfectly designed from natural bamboo. 

Bamboo crochet hooks are a must-have! They are extremely quiet to work with. They are also anti-slip which ensures you have a smooth crocheting experience every time.  They are sturdy and allow for a beautiful finish. They come in a clear storage pack that you can neatly place in your crochet kit or on your work desk.

Every crocheter needs a collection of hooks. If you want to create a wide variety of crafts, you need a large selection of hooks. This kit contains all the hooks you’ll ever need. 

Each hook comes with an elegant brown colour and a smooth finish. These hooks will not cut or fray your yarn. The bamboo is soft on the eyes and absolutely gorgeous! These hooks are perfect for beginners. Professional crocheters can also add to their collection with these hooks.  

Durable and strong. These hooks are snap-resistant. You can count on them to last you years if you look after them. They fit perfectly in any crafting room. They are also lightweight and easily transportable.

If you enjoy crocheting, then you absolutely need this set. Each hook is of a different size and thickness. Now you never have to search for the perfect hook size again- you’ll find them all in this kit! 

These bamboo hooks are environmentally friendly. They also have an ergonomic design. This means that they are soft on your fingers, easy to grip and reduce work fatigue. Now you can crochet bigger for long periods of time!

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