Wrist Pin Cushion


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This Wrist Pin Cushion revolutionises the way you access your pins! It is an innovative and high-quality product that every seamster and seamstress needs. This pin cushion is multi-functional. Grab this soft fabric pin cushion that goes around the wrist for easy use.

It comes with an elastic band to easily secure it to your wrist. It is lightweight and soft. It prevents wrist strain and fatigue due to its compact size. Now you can access your pins, needles, and safety pins easily while sewing.

This Wrist Pin Cushion is the definition of sewing made easy. Delight in uninterrupted sewing with this 2-in-1 pin cushion. You can use it as a standard pin cushion that you can place beside you while working. Or you can pop it onto your wrist and have it go wherever you are. 

This cushion is soft and comfortable. It fits all wrist sizes. The elastic band is soft on your skin and leaves for smooth comfort. It also stretches to fit any wrist size. This cushion is perfect for kids, beginners, and professionals. 

Whether you are sewing, embroidering, or quilting. This cushion is a must. It helps you to work quickly and effectively while dressmaking, doing patchwork, or making alterations. This cushion is small enough to easily fit into your sewing kit. 

It is made from foam interior filling. This allows for a soft and cushioning feeling at all times. This also protects your pins and needles. The foam ensures your pins and needle points remain sharp. They also act as a sponge to clean them in between uses!

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 cm


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