Verve 28mm Rotary Cutter Yellow


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This Verve Premium Quality Rotary Cutter is a great addition to every sewing kit! It is a small rotary cutter. This makes it perfect for when you are working with smaller projects, miniatures, and tight corners.

This cutter is made from plastic and steel blade. It comes in a bright yellow colour, perfect for all crafters. You can use it to cut paper, leather, vinyl, or multiple layers of fabric. It also has a retractable blade for when it’s not being used.

This Verve 28mm Rotary Cutter Yellow is one of those handy sewing tools that make your crafting much easier. It is suitable for all kinds of cutting. Whether you want to cut through multiple layers of fabric or through foam. This cutter can do the job!

It comes with amazing handle features. The handle has a comfortable grip. This gives you more control and sturdiness while working. It also has a lock button that safely retracts the blade when you press it.

Both right-handed people and left-handed people can use this. Changing the blade is quick and easy. All you need to do is carefully unscrew the metal nut. Now you can remove the blunt blade. Insert the new blade. Store your old blade safely.

Safety precautions: Keep this product away from kids at all times. Handle it with caution and care. Always ensure that your blade is kept far away from face, fingers, and body. Ensure you work in a well lit room at all times when using this.

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Dimensions 21 × 11 × 2 cm


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