Thread Braid Kit 3 Piece (Thread Braid-Needle Threader- 1 Needle)


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All haberdashery and textile professionals can take advantage of this braiding kit. It is also suitable for children and beginners.

This kit allows you to braid with various shades of colour thread. It comes with a needle threader for your convenience. Work with only the highest-quality thread!

This Thread Braid Kit 3 Piece is a great package deal. It comes with multiple colour threads to braid, a needle threader, and one needle.

The threads are thick and high quality. They come in bright colours. They will fit perfectly on any kind of fabric. It leaves an elegant finish on projects.

This is perfect for crafters of any skill level. All you need to do is select the colour of your choice. Then neatly pull it from the rainbow bunch.

These threads are stored with ease. Do not worry about tangling. This kit is ideal for making tiny repairs and alterations.

Or use it as a decorative tassel on dolls and decor. This makes for a unique gift for crafters. It is easy to store and a perfect fit to any sewing kit.

Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 cm


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