Tailor's Awl 1.6mm


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Get this handy Tailor’s Awl. You can fit this awl into your sewing bag with ease. It is compact and small. It has easy-grip features. The handle is made of strong and durable plastic. 

The needle is sharp and strong. You can use it without worries about it snapping. This tool is perfect for beginners starting out. Delight in the bright yellow and blue colour to add vibrance to your sewing supplies.

We stock a variety of Tailor’s awls. Tailor’s awls are used for piercing holes into various fabrics, feeding fabric through a bias maker, and lifting thread in hard-to-reach places.⁠ They are essential to all crafters.

This is a must-have tool. The more you invest in tools that make your sewing easier, the more flawless your sewing process will be. Our in-house expert absolutely loves working with Tailor’s awls and you will too! ⁠

The blue and yellow colours on this handle are gorgeous and bright. It is an elegant tool to have in your sewing kit. You can easily transport it. Easy to hold and easy on the wrist! This awl is 1.6mm. 

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Dimensions 5 × 18 × 3 cm


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