Tailor's Chalk Triangle (Blue)


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Tailors’ chalk is a must-have for every seamster and seamstress. They are useful when making alternations or changes on fabric, temporarily. They can easily be washed off or brushed off once you have cut, sewn, or made your alterations. 

When tailors’ chalks are in a triangular shape like this, they come with even more benefits! Triangular tailors’ chalk offer sharp and thin lines on all fabrics. Now you can accurately design straight, circular, or curved edges. At Fabric8, we stock these beautiful chalk in 4 colours.

Tailor’s chalk is perfect for home tailoring, dressmaking, and professional sewing. This tool is also beginner-friendly and is essential in every sewing kit. It makes pattern making, designing, and alterations so much easier. It is ideal for making patterns and for cutting various shapes.

The triangular shape is ideal for grip. It is easier to hold than most shapes. It also gives you more control while marking. This shape also allows for fine lines and accurate alterations.  The shape also allows you to use all three corners. 

Triangular tailors’ chalk is ideal for temporary marking. It is easy to move with a brush or when dipped in water. Now you can make alternations and design hassle-free. T

Clay-based chalk comes with a wax finish. It helps to keep your hands dirt-free. This also protects your fabric from stains and dirt. This solid chalk block is compatible with most fabrics. It can also be used with other materials like vinyl or glass. 

It is advisable to test your chalk on a piece of scrap fabric before using it on your project. This ensures you familiarise yourself with the size of the lines to ensure you are working accurately. It also tests the compatibility of the fabric and the chalk. 

Brush off or wash off your markings once you are satisfied. After you iron or dry clean your fabric, the chances of your tailors’ chalk markings becoming permanent is high. Also, avoid pressing too hard when marking. This makes it even more difficult to remove the marks.

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