Star Machine Sucker Pin Cushion Pink


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Fabric8 stocks the most innovative sewing supplies! Like this cushion that can be attached to your sewing machine! This makes for quick, hassle-free sewing. Now you can have your pins and needles just millimetres away from you. 

The fabric used on these pin cushions is sturdy and strong. Small blocks of stitches are embedded into it. This can serve as a guide for you to organise your pins and needles. They come in beautiful blue and pretty pink.

Star Machine Sucker Pin Cushion is a must-have! If you enjoy convenient sewing, then you will love this cushion. It has a firm and steady star shape. Beautiful on the eye, this design can definitely make sewing more fun. 

This pin cushion is perfect for kiddies that are starting off their sewing journey. They can also multi-use it as a start toy! The beginner or professional seamster/seamstress can also delight in this high-functional cushion. 

A transparent plastic sucker is attached to the back of the star. It is sturdy. With just one quick press, you can easily paste this pincushion on a wall or a sewing machine. Now you can sort, store, and access your pins and needles with ease.

Whether you are sewing, embroidering, or quilting. This cushion is a must. It helps you to work quickly and effectively while dressmaking, doing patchwork, or making alterations. This cushion is small enough to easily fit into your sewing kit.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm