Spring Cord Slider Ends Plastic (3 Pack) Gold


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These slider ends are used for tightening draw cords on hoodies, bags, and jackets. Or they can be used on sweatpants and hoodies to stop draw cords from sliding out.

They are spring-loaded and strong. They have the ability to tightly grip any drawstring and keep it in place. They are made of high-quality plastic. 

Select from a wide range of colours. Either match your clothing colour or choose one that will pop! They are affordable and come in a pack.

Made from strong plastic. These are resistant to bending and breaking. They will remain secure and in place. You can count on these.

You can use these on clothing, luggage, and backpacks. These are a brilliant way to fasten cords.  They are multi-functional and widely used.

Grab this set. It is always convenient to have a collection in case your run out. They can also be used to secure other cords or ends that require gripping in crafting.

Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 cm


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