Shirring Elastic Carded Black


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Get these high-quality shirring elastics. They perfectly fit into your sewing machine’s bobbin. If you want to create a stretchy, shirred effect, then you need these. They can easily be used, just ensure you do not stretch the thread while winding it.

They were specifically designed to gather sheer fabrics. Now you can add class to necklines, cuffs, and waists. Or you can use it to create a smocking look. If you are a craft enthusiast, you can thread beads on it to create jewellery. 

Have you ever seen a dress with a beautiful stretchy design? This is achieved by shirring elastics! You can create shirring by taking elastic thread in the bobbin, using regular thread in the needle. The thread gathers the fabric in an even manner while producing the stretch design. 

Fabric8 stocks 2 colours. You can select from elegant white or classy black. Shirring elastic is a different way to create amazing textile and jewellery designs. This elastic is perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

These elastics are strong and flexible. Do not worry about breakage, fraying, or snagging. They are made of high-quality fibre. Soft and smooth. You can count on resistant-free sliding. 

Any designer can delight in these elastics. Whether you are sewing, shirring, crimping, smocking, or hemming. Create beautiful clothes with decorative, zigzag or straight stitches using shirring elastics. 

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