Sewing, Knitting Crafting Sticker Pack (50)


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If you need an all-inclusive sticker collection, then you should get this product! It has stickers for writers, seamsters, crocheters, designers, knitters, and artists- you name it!

These stickers are high-quality. They look incredibly realistic. Add them to all kinds of objects to create beautiful designs and finished projects.

This Sewing, Knitting Crafting Sticker Pack (50) is a must! They come with very strong adhesion abilities. Once they’re on, they’ll stick long-term!

You can count on the strong and sturdy design. They are made of high-quality vinyl. Each sticker is unique and creative. You have 50 options to mix and match!

These stickers are 100% durable. They are UV resistant so do not worry about the sun damaging these. They are also waterproof and long-lasting. 

You don’t have to worry about residue being left behind after you remove them. They are the ideal size. These stickers look gorgeous on all surfaces. They are easily visible and guaranteed to make everything look prettier.


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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm


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