Sew Mate Tulip Flower Pins NS114


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These Sew Mate sewing pins with tulip flower-shaped heads are so cute! Pins help you to secure and attach layers or decorations with ease. These come with strong pins and sharp points. 

Grab this 60-piece set at an affordable price. The tulip heads will make for a gorgeous addition to any sewing kit. They come in a wide array of rainbow colours for you to mix and match.

Sew Mate produces the best and most high-quality goods on the market today. This is why you can shop a large selection of Sew Mate goods right here at Fabric8. Like these gorgeous 60-piece Tulip Flower Pins. 

They are made of steel. This gives them a strong and sturdy build. They have the perfect length at 0.6 x 48.9 mm. Now you can pin and make alterations at larger lengths and with greater ease.

The flat head shape is convenient. You can work with a sewing machine or iron with ease. The pins are stored in a strong plastic container. The transparent design makes it easier for you to locate your pins.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 cm


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