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This Quilters Tape from Sew Easy is a great addition to any sewing collection. At an amazing length of 6mm, 30 yards, this tape can last you a long time.

It is the perfect single-faced tape with adhesive on one side only. No residue is left on the fabric after use. So you won’t have to worry about your fabric being smudged or made dirty.

This Sew Easy Quilters Tape is high-quality. It leaves all your projects looking professional and neat. Quilting dressmaker tape helps you to attach and stabilise a variety of layers.

You can use this tape to quilt over 3 different stitching designs and patterns. It serves as a perfect guide. It helps you to obtain evenly placed stitches. 

All you need to do is place this tape in a variety of pattern designs that you like. Then sew next to the tape. This tape can then be easily removed afterward.

This tape makes alternations a dream come true. It prevents your garment from being scratchy when you try it on. It provides soft cushioning. It can also be used to mark pants’ length.

Tape is a great alternative to pins. You don’t need to poke holes into your layers. You can easily do hem folds with this tape. Do not press over the tape.

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