Royal Blue Felt 1 mm A4 ( 1Piece)


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Grab these beautiful Felt 1mm A4 fabric from us. Fabric8 sells a wide variety of gorgeous and vibrant colour options. You can select from royal blue, lilac, lime, turquoise, or pink. Select a colour that matches your thread or just any colour you simply love! 

These felt pages are 1mm thick. This gives them the strength and sturdiness they require to produce high-quality results. They are A4 size. This means you can comfortably make a wide variety of product sizes.

This Felt is a non-woven fabric. It is made of fibers that are meshed together. It’s one of the oldest types of fabrics. You can use them without spinning the fibers into thread first. You can use felt to make rugs, shoes, clothing, and even tents!

Felt material is more durable than paper. They are ideal for all types of arts and crafts. Kids can delight in these. They are user-friendly and safe. Now you can let them explore their creativity with ease. 

This felt paper reduces the chance of unintended tearing. They are durable and secure. It is made of flexible material. Now you can sew them easily for fabric craft. Or glue them when used as papercraft. 

They fold, sew, and glue with ease. You can use felt wool balls to create beautiful art alongside this felt sheet. Felt sheets can be used with water. They can be cut easily without the risk of edge fraying or crumbling.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 0.5 cm


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