Quilters Safety Pins 27mm


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Fabric8 ensures that every quilter is sorted with all the essential quilting supplies. This is why we have these Quilter Safety Pins 27mm. You should grab these pins if you are working with finer fabric and smaller projects. They are perfect for sewing, crafts, quilting, DIY projects, jewelry making, home designs, and so much more. 

What makes these safety pins stand out from the rest is their long bodies. They are made from nickel-plated material. These safety pins are very reliable because they are sturdy, sharp, and strong.

As a seamster or a seamstress, you’ll need a collection of safety pins. Whether you are sewing, making embroidery, knitting, quilting, crocheting, or crafting. These pins will come in handy. With high-quality features, your material will always stay intact. 

Safety pins are the safer version of regular pins. With the lock option, these pins will stay in place with one click. This means you can make alterations, sew steams, do patchwork and so much more without any hassle. 

These safety pins were made with a curvy design. This makes it easier to curve a wide variety of layers, shapes, and designs. This leaves you with greater versatility and freedom to create crafts. 

These pins are also resistant to ironing and anti-rust. So you can iron over these pins. You also don’t have to worry about their quality depleting over rust and corrosion. These safety pins are every crafter’s dream come true!

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