Prym Tailors Chalk 2pc White

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This Prym tailor’s chalk is dressmaking simplified! With a sturdy build and high-quality finish, it gets the job done in no time. It is a great way to measure and trace on fabric. Having 2 chalks is essential to ensure you don’t run out. 

The white colour is perfect when you’re working with darker fabric. Tailor’s chalk ensures you work accurately and precisely. It prevents measurement and tracing mistakes. You can easily create an outline, cut out the shape, sew your layers together, and then remove the chalk. This chalk is a must-have!

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Prym has a good reputation for high quality crafting goods. This tailor’s chalk maintains its reputation with its bright colour and firm grip. The 50mm x 50mm size chalk slab is ideal for sewing. It can easily be stored and is a great addition to your sewing kit.

This tailors chalk is suitable for professional tailoring. It can also be used for home tailorings such as blankets, curtains, pillow covers and other decors. Beginner seamsters and seamstresses need tailor’s chalk to guide them in mastering pattern making and designing. 

It is advisable to test your chalk on a piece of scrap fabric before using it on your project. This ensures you familiarise yourself with the size of the lines to ensure you are working accurately. It also tests the compatibility of the fabric and the chalk. 

Brush off or wash off your markings once you are satisfied. After you iron or dry clean your fabric, the chances of your tailors’ chalk markings becoming permanent is high. Also, avoid pressing too hard when marking. This makes it even more difficult to remove the marks. 

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Prym Tailors Chalk 2pc White
R57.50 Incl. 15% VAT

Availability: 4 in stock