Prym Refill Click Pencil Extra Fine 3 x 6 Pack


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Add this pack of 3 x 6 Prym refills to your stationery collection. They are suitable extra fine white refill for 0.9 mm cartridge pencils. They come in grey, yellow and pink. They mark in ways your standard black or blue markers can’t!

Whether you are a seamster, seamstress, writer, student, or a craftsman. The extra-fine material of these lead refills allows you to make precise and accurate markings with ease. The fine lines allow you to wash out any tracing with ease. Or you can erase them with the Prym eraser.

These are suitable for anyone needing to mark, alter, or trace. It is ideal to have the different colour leads when working with various layers to ensure accuracy. It is also beneficial when you work with fabric of different colour and textures. 

Cartridge pens are a must-have. They produce fine and accurate markings on all sorts of crafting material. Whether you are a student, a business owner, or a crafter. A good pair of cartridge pens can improve your tracing and designs. That’s why it’s important to have pencil refills. 

These refills are stored in secure plastic containers. This prevents them from breaking or it helps you from losing them. You can also continue to use the containers to store them neatly in your sewing room. 

Care instructions: It’s important to remove your traces beforehand. This means you should not iron or dry clean an item before removing marks made from this item. This can make markings permanent or more difficult to remove. Always test it on scrap fabric beforehand.

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Dimensions 14 × 6 × 1 cm