Prym Mark and Erase Pen


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The Prym mark and erase pen is a must-have. Whether you are embroidering, sewing, quilting, or doing patchwork. This pen comes in two sections. One has the eraser cartridge that allows you to easily remove any markings made. 

The second cartridge on the other end has a fine turquoise felt tip. This allows you to accurately draw and design. Now you can create patterns with ease. Alterations can be made in no time.

Fabric marking has never been this convenient. With the Prym mark and erase pen, you get fine details every time. This pen ink can easily be removed with water or with the eraser attached. This pen is ideal for pattern making, sewing, crafting, and designs. 


The eraser cartridge comes in handy every time you need to remove marks. Its fine design allows you to accurately erase small areas. 

The fine felt tip is useful when creating fine marks. You can trace or mark most fabrics with this pen. The fibre tip allows for even more precise working and gorgeous details on any project. All you need to do is draw your guidelines, stitch layers together, and then rub the eraser over for easy removal.

Care instructions: It’s important to remove your traces beforehand. This means you should not iron or dry clean an item before removing marks made from this item. This can make markings permanent or more difficult to remove. Also always store it with the pen facing down. This prevents drying. Always test it on scrap fabric beforehand.

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Dimensions 20 × 6 × 2 cm


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