Prym Glass Headed Pins Yellow 43mm


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You can count on Prym to have only the best pins, and you can get them all here on Fabric8. Prym Glass Headed Pins Yellow 43mm comes with bright yellow heads and a sturdy needle. They are high quality and deliver only the best. 

These pins are made of tempered and hardened steel. The pearl heads leave a shiny effect every time. They are solid and durable. Sharp points that can pierce through multiple fabric layers. They are rust-protected and resistant to ironing. 

These pins are 43x 0.6 mm. This is a pack of 20g. They have extra long bodies. That makes them perfect for multilayers and stacked fabric. They assist you when you are cutting, stitching layers, measuring, making attachments, or doing alterations. 

They are heat resistant. The heads are made of high-quality premium glass. This ensures luxurious pinning. They have balanced spring stiffness properties. These pins have sharp pins. They penetrate with ease. Now you can pin multiple layers resistance-free. 

With beautiful head attachments, these pins will add an extra flair to all your projects. The plastic head helps for easy grip and for you to see your pins with ease. These pins were specially designed to meet all your quilting and patchwork needs. 

These pins are made easy. Store them away from direct sunlight, in a dry place. You can easily fit them into a sewing kit or place them on your work desk for easy access.

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 cm