Prym Chalk Wheel Mouse Ergonomic


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Presenting the Prym chalk wheel mouse with a toothed wheel. It is a tracing wheel that produces fine and precise chalk lines. It has an integrated chalk level indicator window. This chalk wheel takes every sewing project and pattern-making design to the next level. 

You can also get replacement cartridges to replace and use with ease.  The surface is made of soft material for easy grip. This chalk is compact and sturdy. The perfect addition to your craft room.

If you are a crafter or you love to sew, then this Prym chalk wheel mouse is a must-have. Prym only produces the best quality tools to make your sewing easier. This chalk wheel mouse is packed with features to give you high-class sewing with minimal effort from your side. 

This chalk wheel is made with ergonomic features. The ergonomic material allows you to work with a better finger grip. Now you can design for longer hours without causing hand strain. It prevents work fatigue. 

The tracing mouse is made with high-quality features for accurate work. It creates fine lines and neat drawings. It is ideal for soft fabrics with fine material and lightweight. Although it has a white chalk cartridge, you can replace it with white or yellow cartridges.

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 4 cm


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