Prym Chalk Cartridge Yellow Ergonomic


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This Prym chalk cartridge includes a protective cap as well as tracing wheel needles. All these products together allow for easy fabric marking and pattern making. This marking chalk cartridge allows you to refill chalk wheels hassle-free. 

It contains yellow chalk finished to a fine powder. It is compatible with the rest of Pryms ergonomic products that use chalk powder. This is because it has the shape of a large pen ink cartridge. The powdered chalk allows for precise dosing. One doesn’t require a trickle. It is suitable for light fabric.

This easy-to-use chalk cartridge yellow ergonomic tool is a must-have! This is perfect for the advanced seamstress looking for high-quality marking tools. However, beginners shouldn’t shy away from the user-friendly click-on insert design. 

This is the ideal powdered chalk for dressmaking. It is easily used in washing and brushing. This set is the definition of easy chalk refiling. The tracing wheel Ulti and the chalk wheel mouse and tick can easily be refilled with this chalk cartridge. 

The dressmaker chalk powder is replenished in either yellow or white with the cartridge. Also, the entire chalk cap and weel are also replaced. This allows for functionality and easy use at all times. 

This tool is a must for any sewing, embroidery, or dressmaking craft. It is a fantastic addition to every workspace. With the compact design, it can easily fit into your everyday sewing kit.

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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 2 cm