Pony Point Protector JUMBO 8-10mm


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Get these Pony point protectors for your knitting needles! If you have a collection of knitting needles, then you’ll need to get these protectors. It keeps the ends of the needles in good condition.

You can also use it to stop your knitting from sliding off your needles when you are not knitting. Select the Pony point protectors in the correct size for your knitting needles. This size is jumbo. For 8mm- 10mm needles.

This Pony Point Protector Jumbo 8- 10mm  is a must-have. We know that it’s not easy taking your knitting needles on the go when you are worried about their points. Storing them is also a lot riskier without point protectors.

With these protectors, you no longer need to worry! Keep your knitting needle tips sharp and in good condition. These protectors extend the life of your needles.

They are made from silicon caps. They are easy to use. All you need to do is pop them on and go. They can hold circular needles or a set of pins. This helps stitches from slipping off pins.

They have round loops for your convenience. These protectors are lightweight and compact. They are small and easy to store. Just pop them in your knitting kit and you can take them anywhere.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 cm


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