Plastic Pegs 3,5cm Pack of 20


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Fabric8 has a variety of high-quality quilting supplies that makes for easy pinning! If you want to revolutionise the way you clip things together, then you should consider grabbing this plastic peg variety bag. 

Pegs are multi-functional. You can use them to hang clothes. However, they can also be used to clip fabric layers together. They are useful in home decor and making alterations. If you need to tightly close an open package, pegs will get the job done! Or simply pop them on your papers to secure them together for office use.

Pegs are essential in crafting. They assist you when you are cutting, stitching layers, measuring, making attachments, or doing alterations. What makes these pegs stand out is how multi-functional they are. 

With beautiful rainbow colours and transparent pegs. They are transparent which allows you to line up your layers with ease. The plastic clips help for easy grip. The pegs were specially crafted to meet all your sewing, quilting, and patchwork needs. 

Gone are the days of poking holes into fabric or pricking your fingers using pins. Pegs are much quicker and more effective than pins on quilts and thicker fabric. So add these to your collection of sewing pins and transform the way you design!

Store them in a neat storage box to ensure they don’t go missing. You can easily fit them into a sewing kit or place them on your work desk for easy access.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm


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