Plastic Handle Awl 1.6mm With Thread Hole


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Presenting Fabric8’s brand new tailor’s awl. This one comes with more advanced features. Like the thread hole. Now you have an awl and a needle all in one!

This awl is perfect for piercing holes in various layers of fabrics. You can also use it to feed the fabric through a bias maker. If you need precision, this awl helps you to lift thread into tight places.

This Plastic Handle Awl 1.6mm With Thread Hole is a must-have! The point is made of hard steel and the handle is made of plastic. Perfect for user convenience. 

You can use this awl for various hole tasks. Whether you need to puncture a hole or enlarge holes. You can create anything with ease.

This awl can also be used for stitching or repairing. With the thread hole option, you can stitch various projects. Leather, canvas, or multiple layers of fabric can be stitched with this tool.

It has a perfect compact size. It can easily fit into any sewing kit. Perfect for the crafter on-the-go! The handle is soft, anti-slip, and ergonomic. This prevents working-fatigue.


Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 3 cm


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