Medium Embroidery Floss Box


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The Medium Embroidery Floss Box is helpful when organising and storing floss. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is durable and strong. Protecting and securing your floss. It comes with separate compartments which allow neat storage. 

This box includes 25 floss bobbins. It reduces the chances of your floss tangling and breaking. This box is durable and transparent. It contains long storage compartments for thimble, tape measure, needles, scissors, rulers, etc. Keep all your supplies in one box!

The Medium Embroidery Floss Box is the ideal box for all things embroidery. This is the perfect box to organise all the messy floss. However, it’s not just for floss!  You can also DIY this box. Use it as a jewellery box, stationery carrier, sewing organiser, kitchen storage supplies, garage organiser, makeup box, and so much more! Buy a collection of these boxes and start organising every room in your house today!

You can mix and match our Medium Embroidery Storage box and our Large Embroidery Storage box. Organise all your supplies in them. Stack them on top of one another. And store them in your sewing room, cupboards, or work desk. The transparent body makes it easy to see your supplies. Or label each box according to what supplies it contains. Now you can store anything and everything. 

This box is ideal for all crafters. Whether you want it for a child, a beginner, or a professional. It is also the perfect organisation solution for embroidery or crafting classrooms. The Medium Embroidery Floss Box is helpful when your sewing room is becoming untidy. This box is lightweight. You can carry it with ease. It is also strong and secure. Count on it to resist wear and tear. This box has individual compartments that allow you to neatly arrange all your supplies.

It also includes 25 floss bobbins. Now you can store and pack your floss without the risk of breaking, tanglining, or unlooping. Use it to store all your supplies. Store thimble, tape measure, needles, scissors, rulers, etc. Keep all your supplies in one box!

Do you need embroidery floss? Are you looking for more colours? Have a look at our website. We sell crafts and sewing supplies for all your creative needs. We have hundreds of floss colours available for you.

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Dimensions 19 × 12 × 4 cm


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