Embroidery Thread/ Floss Max Mouline Brown/ Grey



Have a look at the brightest, strongest, and most durable embroidery thread available. One pack contains various shades of the same colour. You can select from a wide variety of shades and colours right here on our website. 

Max Mouline embroidery thread is a six-strand skein. It is made from 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton. It produces the strongest and most beautiful craft. Every embroider needs a collection of floss. It is perfect for hand embroidery and cross-stitch. Take advantage of 1 skein that is 8 meters long and 1.9 grams in weight.

Do you like browns and neutrals? Then these embroidery floss are a must. Hand embroidery is made easier with this floss. They produce only the best products.

If you can think of a colour you desire, we have it! This floss is silky soft. It consists of easily divisible strands. They are designed to keep their shape and prevent fray. 

It is resistant to light and water exposure. This means you don’t have to worry about decolorisation quickly. It gives a professional touch to every embroidery project. This floss is suitable for beginner embroiders starting off their embroidery journey. Professional embroiderers should take advantage of the high-quality finish. 

Cotton is ideal when embroidering. It is easy to work with. Embroidery needles work well with this floss. Dive into this luxurious 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton. With 8 meters long thread, you can create large projects without the worry of running out!

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 15 × 0.5 × 2 cm

Hunter Green Dark 808, Avocado Green Very Dark 812, Orange Spice Dark 842, Mahogany Dark 850, Beige Brown Very Dark 852, Driftwood Dark 854, Mahogany 856, Tawny 870, Desert Sand Dark 876, Golden Brown Dark 878, Brown Medium 880, Coffee Brown Dark 882, Tan 884, Ecru 888, Beige Brown Dark 896, Black 900, Steel Gray Dark 908, Steel Gray Light 911, Pearl Gray 914, Pearl Gray Very Light 915, Beige Brown Very Light 928, Black Brown 946


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