Knitting Needles Elle Aluminium 35cm 5mm


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Check out these beautiful aluminium needles from Elle. These Straight Knitting Needles 35cm Aluminium are a must! Made from highly polished anodized aluminium, these needles will revolutionise the way you knit! 

Take advantage of the full 35cm length on these needles. Now you can knit and create bigger and wider! These needles are comfortable and user-friendly. Their smooth bodies allow wool to glide smoothly across both needles.

If you don’t know which needles to buy, we recommend getting a good single-pointed and straight knitting needle. Like these Elle Straight Knitting Needles 35cm Aluminium. They have a knob at one end. And a sharp straight needle at the bottom end. 

They are made of sturdy aluminium. Aluminium produces quicker knitting and a hassle-free experience. They are durable and lightweight. You can count on them to be dust-resistant. They also don’t break, snap, or deform easily. This makes them very reliable in any knitting project. 

They come in the perfect length for easy usage and perfect craft. These needles are the perfect gift for anyone starting off with knitting or professionals looking to work with beautiful needles. The 35cm length is perfect to tackle any knitting craft. This length allows for greater flexibility and variety.

If you want to add more glory to your knitting collection, you can buy accessories for these needles. Stitch markers, yarn, scissors, measuring gauge- you name it. They are a great addition to any knitting collection!

The knob at one end prevents the stitches from sliding off. These needles are the perfect duo. Beginners and older children can delight in the user-friendliness of these needles. They are easy to work with. Anyone can master knitting using these needles. They are very comfortable to use.

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