Kids Hand Embroidery Starter Kit - Button Flowers


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This kids’ hand embroidery starter kit is a must-have when you get your children starting out with embroidery. Whether you want to start teaching embroidery classes or you just want to get your own tots started. This is the ideal beginner kit containing all the essentials they need. This kit comes with a beautiful decorative button flower design on embroidery fabric. 

From bright coloured embroidery floss to cute buttons. This kit has it all. All the items were handpicked by our in-house expert with over 30 years of experience. Your kid will have everything they need to embroider beautiful crafts. The printed instructions in this kit allows for your child to have step-by-step guidance at all time. 

Embroidery is a very good hobby for a child. It develops their motor skills, and problem-solving skills, and stimulates their brain development. It is also a great way to encourage both their creativity and mathematic abilities.

This kit contains an embroidery frame. An embroidery frame gives them a clear guide and grips the fabric for them in place.  The hold-all container ensures that all their supplies remain organised and protected. 

Buttons and beads are a beautiful decorative addition to any embroidery craft. They can glue these on or you can sew these on for them. The colourful scissors come in beautiful colours that they’ll love and it is kid-friendly.

Fabric and print are essential for them to practice on. It gives them a guide on how to do the stitches and it allows for trial and error. These hand embroidery needles are safe for kids if they are taught safety measures and supervised. 

What’s Inside

  • Embroidery frame
  • Cute Hold-All container
  • Buttons and beads
  • Colourful Scissors
  • Fabric with printed pattern
  • Embroidery thread 
  • Hand embroidery needles 
  • Printed instructions
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Dimensions 25 × 18 × 15 cm


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