Hemline Anti Static Spray 50ml


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This Anti-Static Spray reduces static cling-on that occurs often. It minimizes the static shock and build-up on a variety of materials.

It works on hosiery, car seats, carpets, garments, fabric, and furniture. It has a fresh clean scent that leaves every surface smelling delightful.

This Hemline Anti Static Spray 50ml is a must-have. The bottle is 50ml in size. It is designed to be small and compact. The perfect size! This makes the product absolutely perfect for quick and easy storage. It comes in a plastic spray bottle with a lid.

It sprays far and with ease. The results are almost instant. Now you don’t have to worry about statics clinging on while crafting. This makes for a smooth production process every time. This product ships with a cap. You can easily close your spray bottle in between uses.

This Anti-Static Spray is useful for all sewing, embroidering, crocheting, knitting, and quilting. Or if you are a crafter, then you can use this spray as well. It is freshly scented so it will add life to all your fabric. It comes with advanced anti-static properties that effectively reduce static cling-on that often occurs during dressmaking and alterations.

Static shock occurs frequently with regular stitching. This Hemline Anti Static Spray 50ml was designed to minimize that static shock. Often when you work with a variety of fabrics, a build-up occurs. This spray will easily help you reduce the amount of build-up on a variety of materials.

It works on a variety of objects. Use it on hosiery, car seats, carpets, garments, fabric, and furniture. It has a fresh clean scent that leaves any material smelling like a dream. This product provides you with smooth spraying. Just press the pump and you’re good to go. Get an additional cleaning brush at Fabric8 to perfectly apply this spray.

Store away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children. You can easily store this spray in a sewing kit or close to your crafting station.

Fabric8 brings you only the best products from Hemline. This spray pairs amazingly with our Hemline Stop Fray 60ml. Now you will no longer struggle with static and fraying!

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