Glue Gun Glue Glitter 6 Piece Multi Colour 7mm


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These glitter glues are perfect in glue guns. This 6-piece pack is a must for all creatives out there. Non-toxic glue is great if you’re going to work over extended periods. These gorgeous multi-colours are delightful. 

The glitter in the glue makes every project so much more glamorous. It is 7mm in size. With 6 glue glitters, you can craft for as long as you want to! Decorating and crafting have never been this beautiful!

If you want to create beautiful art, you should get a glue gun. They can be used on paper, leather, plastic, metal and wood. So you can glue just about anything on everything! 

This glue is easy to operate. This makes them beginner-friendly and very fun for children. As well as professionals can level up all their designs with this glue. Precaution and supervision are a must when operating a glue gun. 

This is perfect on fabric. It can also be used on furniture, shoes, toys, coating, electronics, and materials. Ceramics have never looked this good with these gorgeous glitters. Or take advantage of handicraft options!

You can add sparkle to any art and craft. These glues are all-purpose and multi-functional. They are made of sticky dry glue. It has fast bonding features. You can count on the high strength and anti-aging properties to keep them lasting. 

These glues have good thermal stability. They are stored in a secure and sturdy plastic film. You don’t need to worry about them breaking or splatter occurring. The plastic film is tough and very reliable. 

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Dimensions 20 × 5 × 1 cm


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