Fabric Carbon Tracing Paper


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One side tracing paper is essential in pattern making. It is ideal for marking tucks, darts, pleats, buttonholes, pockets, embroidery designs and front closings. These sheets are washable, which means they are compatible with water removable fabric markers. 

In the pack are 5 sheets of paper. You can select from blue, yellow, red, green, and white. With the 28 x 23 cm size. You can make standard-sized patterns. They are easy to use. Beginners can now create patterns with ease.

If you’re making patterns or creating designs, then these carbon tracing papers are a must! Along with fabric markers, and scissors. You need a collection of high-quality tracing paper. 

These papers are used to transfer patterns with ease. Once the pattern is copied over, you can see them clearly. They leave you with complete and clear lines every time. This paper is crafting made easy.

Removing traces and marks is also hassle-free. With the washable feature, you do not need to dispose of the paper after every use. All you need is to wash off washable fabric ink. Then your paper will go back to looking good as new. 

When using these sheets, it’s best to use a colour that’s similar to the fabric you are using. This is why this pack comes in various colours. So that you have an unlimited option on fabric marking and tracing. You can use a roller to press the line that marks on the material.

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