Elle Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles 35cm 4.50mm


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Elle delivers just the best knitting needles, Like these Elle Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles. They are made of bamboo. This gives them a soft and comfortable touch. It also gives them a strong and sturdy build. 

At this 35cm length, you have range and versatility like never before! Use the full length to create thick, large, and complex projects. The needle tips are strong and sharp. Fabric8 stocks a variety of sizes just for you: 6.50 mm, 6.0 mm, 5.50 mm, 4.50mm, and 4.0mm.

These Elle Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles are a must-have! They are so soft on the eyes, environment friendly, and smooth to touch. Whether you are a beginner or a professional. These knitting needles deliver a luxurious finish every time! 

Bamboo needles are a must. It gives any knitter a precise and accurate project. The body is split-free and bump free. This leaves for a smooth touch on your fingers. This is so convenient for knitters that work for extended times. 

These needles are lightweight. This means you have hassle-free and flexible experiences at all times. They are perfect for the knitter on the go. Pop them in your knitting kit. They are so light-you will barely feel them there! 

They basically have built-in heaters! Because they are made of bamboo, their bodies never get cold like plastic or metal needles. This is perfect for winter time knitting or for those struggling with arthritis or other joint problems. 

These needles have a smooth and elegant wood finish. They have slippery fibers. The smooth wood allows them to slide and glide over each other. This is hassle-free knitting! It also minimizes noise. You can count on them to become even smoother with each use! 

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