Elle Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles 80cm 9.00mm

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Elle designs the most elite knitting needles. This is why we make sure to stock them just for you! Revolutionise the way you knit by investing in circular knitting needles! Now you can knit around corners, edges, complicated designs, and tough wool with ease. 

80cm is the perfect size for easy gripping and comfortable usage. If you are looking for various sizes, we have them all! Shop our website for ELLE Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles 80cm 12.0mm, 10.00mm, 9.00mm, 8.00mm, 7.50mm, 7.00mm, 6.50mm, 6.0mm, 5.50mm, 5.0mm, 4.50mm, 4.0mm,3.50 mm, 3.0mm, and 2.50 mm.

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Knitters and crafters can delight in these beautiful needles. If you want to take your knitting to the next level and improve your skills. Then investing in bamboo circular needles is a must. 

These needles are fixed circular knitting needles. They have flexible coloured cables attached to the top. This keeps your needles together and secure at all times. The cables are strong and sturdy. This prevents them from breaking.

These needles are lightweight and compact. Now you can knit for hours with needles that practically feel weightless. The compact structure makes them easily transportable. Perfect for the knitter on the go. They can easily fit into any knitting kit. 

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly. They are made exclusively for our customers! They are not chemically treated. An absolute delight to work with! These needles are perfect for any knitting project. 

The body is made of a strong structure. You do not have to worry about them snapping or breaking easily. They also have a very good grip. This reduces the chances of work fatigue and wrist strain. It has a smooth body with no rough edges. 

Circular knitting needles are great for a wide variety of projects. You can shape 3D crafts with ease. You can also use your straight needles to add extra alterations. Every great knitter should have at least one pair of straight knitting needles, circular knitting needles, and multi-purpose sewing needles to create the most luxurious knitting craft.

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Elle Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles 80cm 9.00mm
R27.60 Incl. 15% VAT

Availability: 7 in stock