Electrical Hand Rotary Cutting Machine


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Check out this high-tech Electrical Hand Rotary Cutting Machine! This is brand new on Fabric8 and an absolute must! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you deserve only the best sewing supplies- we have them all.

This electrical round knife cutter is designed to cut multiple layers of fabric simultaneously. Now you can toss the scissors and cut thicker projects than before. This cuts down on your sewing time and allows you to create more craft in less time.

If you are in the textile industry, you’ll want this tool ASAP! Now you can cut all kinds of materials professionally. Create beautiful shapes from linen, leather, denim, cotton, or wool. You can cut very thick items with ease.

This machine is packed with advanced features! It produces neat cuts. The machine has concentrated lubrication which allows for smooth performance every time. Do not worry about noise. This machine is runs pretty quietly for your convenience.

Both beginners and professionals can use this machine. It has a user-friendly operating system. If you take safety precautions then using this machine is a breeze! This machine comes with an automatic knife grinding feature.

Take advantage of this powerful motor. It is a must-have for efficient cutting and designing. With a power of 170W, you will receive the strongest and most sufficient cutting process. This blade is easily sharpened and cuts curves with ease.

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Dimensions 33 × 14 × 9 cm


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