Duck Embroidery Kit 5 x 5 cm


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Kids from the age of 5 can learn to embroider. However, the younger they are, the smaller you want to start off. This is why this 5 x 5 cm kit is perfect for young kids or beginners starting out. 

This cross stitch kit includes everything a beginner and a child needs to get started. It has a selection of various embroidery yarns. It also contains embroidery needles that are easy to grip as well as an embroidery canvas perfect for beautiful designs.

If you’re teaching a young child to embroider, then you should get your hands on this embroidery kit. It is a small kit with big features! With this kit as well as a lot of practice, your kid will become a star embroider with ease. 

Cross stitch is the easiest to learn for beginners and children starting off. It is basic and easy to learn. And there’s no better way to teach them than to get them this cross stitch kit. It ensures they are always guided when learning to embroider.

This kit also includes step-by-step instructions. This means you will never have to wonder. Not only do you get all the supplies you need, but you also receive all the instructions you need. It also includes instructions on cleaning and pressing your final craft!

You can select from various designs. Butterflies, ladybugs, ducks, or dolphins. We have all these kits available right here at Fabric8. Now your little one has a wide variety of colours, shapes, and designs to select from.

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