Dressmakers Pencils Multi Colour (5 Pack)


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If you are a seamster or a designer, then you absolutely need these Dressmakers Pencils Multi Colour Set. They come in a pack of five. Take advantage of yellow, pink, blue, white, and green fabric marking.

These are the perfect tailor’s chalk pencils for marking fabric. Don’t worry about staining. They will fade away in a few days prior to usage. Enjoy these pencils that do not need sharpening!

These fabric markers are dressmaking made easy! No sharpening is needed! All you need to do is just pull the string and you will expose the paper-wrapped center. This makes drawing quicker.

These markings wash off easily and wipe off with ease. In a pack of 5, you can use a variety of colours. Mix and match your desired pencil with the fabric you are using.

Thes pencils create precise and fine lines every time. They are perfect for beginners. Children can use them too if supervised.

The markings are bright and clear. It is a stain-free experience. Whether you are pattern-making, making alterations, dressmaking, or creating crafts. These are a great addition to your kit.

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