Double Sided Tape


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If you are sewing, you should definitely consider getting double-sided tape in your sewing kit. This double-sided tape is made of high-quality material. It has high-sticking abilities. This tape has adhesive on both sides and can be used to add two sides of fabric together or for seams.

These tapes do well as an adhesive. Now you can easily secure two layers together. Whatever your task is, this tape can make it happen. Whether you are doing repairs, dressmaking, alterations, home decor, or crafts. This tape can be used on fabrics, paper, glass, wood, wall, and plastic.

Double-sided tape is a great addition to any sewing room. When you are designing clothes, you can actually use double-sided tape instead of pins and needles. It can adhere to regular fabrics. This allows you to keep your layers in place while stitching. 

Double-sided tape is also excellent when you are making zippers. Whether you are attaching them to bags, jackets, or as a decorative finish. There won’t be any pins in your way. Now you can attach zippers without the need to stop and remove pins constantly. 

This tape is perfect for home designs. Hanging things against the walls, pasting decor, or attaching two items. It is also useful when working with paper or pattern paper. Double-sided tape has many DIY hacks that make them extremely handy. 

This tape comes with strong glue attached to it. All you need to do is cut off your desired size, and paste it on one layer. Then remove the plastic and attach the other layer to it. Now you have perfect adhesives every time!

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