Dotting Tool, Double Sided, Pack of 5


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Dotting tools are completely essential to all crafters out there. Unlike your regular basic dotting tools, these are special! They come in beautiful colours with a shiny finish. They are double-sided. Now you can dot in all directions with so much freedom! 

The dotting tools at Fabric8 ensure that you produce symmetrical, even, and flawless dots every time. Dotting tools can be used in painting, doing nails, cake decor,  rock painting, sculpting, tracing, and engraving. This is the perfect gift for any artist at any age!

If you’re looking for dotting tools then this pack is perfect for you. With this pack, you’ll get 5 differently sized dotting tools, all in unique decorative colours.⁠ If you want to add some finer detail to your creations, whether it’s your nails or rock paintings, we have you covered with this awesome product.⁠

This tool allows you to create symmetrically round tools. More than that, they also allow you to make perfectly straight lines. Or let your imagination run wild. Create various different flowers, shapes, and designs using these tools.

They are made of hard material. This means they are snap- and break-resistant. Their bodies are made secure. So you can grip them without experiencing finger strain or hand fatigue. 

These tools are compact. They look beautiful in any craft room. Or you can easily place them in your sewing kit. They are perfect to take on the go with you. The dotting tools come in a pack of 5 to ensure you never run out of options!

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Dimensions 15 × 1 × 5 cm


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