Crochet Hook Aluminium 0.5mm 20cm


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If you’re looking for high-quality crochet hooks that’ll last you a lifetime, then you definitely need these aluminium hooks! Aluminium will last you a lifetime as they do not break, bend, or twist. 

Fabric8 stocks a variety of sizes. Pick your crochet hook size according to the size of your desired project, the thickness of your yarn, and the amount of range you desire on one hook. Select from: 0,75mm, 06mm, 0r 0,5 mm.

If you crochet often, you should get these! They are perfect for everyday crocheting. Beginners can delight in how easy these are to use. Upgrade your skills today with these hooks. Professionals can also benefit from the expertise of these hooks. 

The point is sharp and pointy. This means you don’t have to worry about it cutting or fraying your yarn. The point is also made from steel so you can count on it to resist wear and tear. 

These hooks are lightweight and compact. Now you can work for extended periods of time without worrying about your hands becoming fatigued or your wrists being strained. The compact size also makes these easily transportable for the crocheters on the go. 

With the aluminium body, you can count on smooth crocheting every time. The yarn will slide over the hooks with ease. This is crocheting made smooth and simple. Don’t spend a second worrying about slippage. 

It is important to store them away from direct sunlight. Make sure they are kept in a dry environment. For better work, ensure they are always clean to prevent your yarn from becoming dirty.

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