Cotton Bias Binding 12mm



Get this Cotton Bias Binding 12mm to improve your sewing. It is made of 100% cotton. Now you get the best and highest quality fabric. It is 12mm wide before you iron it. This means you have full versatility in design.

Use these beautiful colourful rolls for quilting, crafting, and dressmaking. This cotton bias binding is beginner-friendly and easy to use. It irons to perfection and maintains shape every time! Price is for a 25M Roll.

Check out these beautiful bias binding tapes. They are very essential for every seamster and seamstress. These bias tapes are made from strips of bias-cut fabric. They can be used to create the most beautiful finishing edges. Now armholes, necklines, and edges will look more elegant than before.

These tapes are extremely flexible. Now you can sew them around edges and curves. Or you can sew in neat straight lines. Either way, you will be left with a smooth look. Fabric8 has a wide range of colours available to match your project fabric.

Multi-functionality is another great quality of these tapes. Not just for sewing. They can be used for outdoor projects, home decor, or crafts. Take bags, garments, and textiles to the next level with these bindings. Or use these as decorations to spice up any event!

The 100% cotton fabric is ideal. The fabric is eco-friendly. Perfect for all skin types. These bindings are comfortable and soft. The breathability is extremely beneficial. These tapes are compact and can easily be stored in your sewing room.

Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm

001 White, 005 Cream, 010 Light Yellow, 011 Mint Green, 012 Light Lime Green, 016 Yellow, 028 Orange, 029 Bright Orange, 030 Peach, 033 Light Peach, 034 Baby Pink, 037 Red, 039 Maroon, 043 Light Red Brown, 044 Very Dark Brown, 050 Dark Turqoise, 051 Dark Blue, 052 Dark Blue, 058 Bright blue, 059 Bright Blue, 060 Light Brown, 062 Light Grey, 065 Med Grey, 067 Avocado Green, 070 Mauve, 073 Bright Green, 078 Dark Green, 080 Black, 081 Navy, 085 Med Green, 090 Light Yellow, 092 Beige, 103 Dark Red, 106 Lilac, 108 Med Purple, 117 Dark Purple, 120 Dark Grey, 132 Baby Blue, 134 Petrol Blue, 136 Ochre, 292 Beige, 7022 Tangerine, 7048 Bright Pink, 7067 Light Purple, 7084 Sky Blue, 7096 Dark Grey, 7097 Sand, 7100 Dark Brown


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