Clamps 4 Inch 2 Pack


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This is the micro clamp set you must have that you didn’t know you needed! With just 4 inches in size, you get a 2 for 1 package deal. Now you can make alterations, pin down large projects, and secure parts with ease. 

Made from plastic, these clamps are lightweight and compact. You can easily transport them. This tool is safe for children while being supervised. Both beginner adults and professionals can benefit from the advantages of these clamps. The sewing tool for the whole family! 

Clamps are like pins, but better! Whether you are sewing, doing quilts, embroidery, woodwork, or making repairs. This is a multi-functional tool. With a beautiful black finish, these clamps are a great addition to your pin collection. 

Take advantage of secure and even gripping from the jaw ends pivoting. Don’t worry about your project falling apart while working. These clamps have the most secure grip and distinct pivoting jaw. 

The clamps are made from hard plastic. This ensures easy to hold features. Such as the textured handles. Don’t worry about slippage. The body is also made from rust-resistant material. 

With this clip, you have versatility at your fingertips. You can grip flat projects, linear projects, round projects, and oddly shaped designs. The lightweight property and strong grip ability make these clamps stand out from the rest.

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Dimensions 20 × 11 × 3 cm


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